Hooked on Digital

Over the last couple of years in working with Sitecore and other CMS systems there are 2 types of content components/renderings which i have always found interesting to implement : The Accordion and the Tabber. Both types of components our structurely the same they just function differently. Over the years I have seen several kinds […]

Having code as your field its datasource
January 10, 2017

Recently I ran into the problem that i had a MultiList field which i had to populate with items  which had a list in which the MultiList  item was referenced. This was not easy to do using Sitecore queries so i had already decided to create a custom field which could do this in code […]


the reason for writing this blog post is that after my previous blog post about Sitecore Service API Controllers i have received questions about how you can implement a custom route for these controllers both online and offline. Whilst it is very easy to create a custom route for a Service API Controller , there […]

A lightweight Sitecore infrastructure on Azure
November 19, 2015

Microsoft’s Azure cloud-platform is constantly being improved and new services are being introduced at an impressively high rate. My goal with this series of articles is to demonstrate how Azure and Azure cloud services can greatly reduce the complexity and cost of Sitecore environments, while still allowing for manageability and high availability. Over time, I’ll […]

Moving Sitecore databases to SQL Azure
November 14, 2015

As part of my series of articles on a lightweight Sitecore infrastructure, I’m going to show how to efficiently move the Sitecore databases to the Microsoft Azure SaaS-based SQL offering, SQL Azure, as a cost-effective, scalable, available and performant alternative to manually creating and managing a SQL Server infrastructure. Groundwork Let’s get a little groundwork out […]